At AZENTIS, we value the traditional areas of Medicinal Products as fundamental in the treatment of pathologies with diverse etiologies. We also take into account the essentiality of the Integrated Medicine, through the use of Herbal Medicinal Products for the prevention and delay of diseases as well as aging itself.

Believing in the increase of life expectancy, always based on quality of life factors, AZENTIS's focuses on Life Sciences for the development of its products.

Oriented to healthcare professionals, always motivated by the individual needs of health product users and patients, at AZENTIS we develop and provide innovative, preventive and therapeutic solutions, along with traditional, well-founded and scientifically verified solutions.

AZENTIS is thus created as a company interacting with the different stakeholders of Health Care area, through the research and provision of solutions that aim to create Holistic Well-being by the best organic balance of individual health.

AZENTIS’ strategy is based on Individualization, Innovation and Internationalization, through the integrative perspective of A to Z. Always focused on the comprehensiveness of the PERSON (ENTIS).


Organic Balance

Being among the market leading companies in the Development and availability of Herbal Medicinal Products and Chemical Medicinal Products in a constant search to create value for people´s Health and Well-being.


We have the strong purpose to become a company of reference in Health area, by developing products that contribute for the healthy and natural balance of the human body through differentiating solutions for the prevention and treatment of pathologies.



for the Human Being, both in equality and in difference, always by individuality


health interest by all those who participate directly or indirectly in the company


of the best solutions regarding product, technology and service - applicable to the entire organization


in the attitude, by the respect, trust and honesty


of maximum individual effort to provide the best solutions to all who need them


of our performance to benefit a better individual health, with an obsession on the People’s Well-Being, always oriented by the Quality of Life improvement and the delay of aging signs


as a team, so that the whole can always become more than the sum of its parts – the synergy raises us to more and better


in the rigorous fulfilment of Ethical, Social, Economic and Financial commitments


We are focused on finding research and development solutions whenever associated to innovation and with the aim to fill existing gaps in Health Care, not yet covered by existing products.
Research centres we are working with are external to the organization, but they are dedicated to a development process in partnership with AZENTIS.


The development of innovative products depends, in a large extent, on the development of formulas and ingredients capable to create a solution for a market gap. The aim is to achieve superior efficacy and safety regarding to the existing ones. At AZENTIS, we work with dedicated researchers and formulators focused on achieving these solutions.

Molecular Cosmetics: the molecular cosmetic concept is present in products represented exclusively by AZENTIS in Portugal. This is an advanced skin care strategy, also in a prevention perspective, acting in the physiological mechanism involved in the cutaneous problem, identifying and developing specific molecules to activate and stimulate the multiple disturbed functions of the skin by:
  • collagen synthesis
  • skin regeneration
  • increase of the defence levels
  • protection against free radicals
  • protecting cellular DNA


AZENTIS has its focus on products that incorporate technological innovation, in order to improve preventive and/or therapeutic results by making available scientifically proven concepts.

  • gathers together two pharmaceutical forms, liquid and solid, in the same package.
  • ensures a better stability of the ingredients in their most suitable concentrations.

  • hard capsules containing liquid or semi-solid formulations
  • rapid onset of action
  • lower gastric aggressiveness
  • greater absorption of lipophilic compounds
  • better stability

  • effective and safe hard capsule sealing system
  • guarantee of leak-tightness and integrity of the capsule

  • creates a properly dosed protective nitrogen atmosphere
  • prevents the degradation of the components by oxidation
  • maintains the long-term effectiveness of active substances
  • improves product stability


AZENTIS main commitment is with health product users and patients. For that, we rely on the fundamental contribution of health professionals to provide the best preventive and therapeutic solutions.

Internally, AZENTIS professionals are the biggest asset.

We are looking for professionals who want to contribute with hard work to the organisation business development and for their own professional improvement.

We will privilege, whenever possible, our internal Professionals for new career opportunities.

We are only looking for professionals who consider the Human Being a fundamental part of life. Professionals seeking daily, with all their effort, to provide AZENTIS solutions to all who needs them.

Professionals who understand that only merit will lead them to gratification for their work and differentiation based on individual outcomes. Professionals who share the same values and AZENTIS philosophy.


If you want to send your spontaneous application, please send your CV with a presentation note and a reference to the position you are applying for.

Your CV will be reviewed, while ensuring all confidentiality. Whenever an opportunity arises that fulfils the requirements of your application, we will contact you to see if you are still interested.


There are no open positions available at the moment.
attach your C.V. file here


The AZENTIS project aims the international expansion of their products in a medium/long term. We will work hard to make this dream come true and to take our products and philosophy internationally to all those who share the same values.


We accept projects that share the same principles, philosophy and areas of activity, current or planned, as long as they are based and share the same fundamental goals of innovation for a better and accessible Healthcare as AZENTIS. For this purpose, we are counting on companies that intend to develop its business in Portugal.

If you intend to present your project for the Portuguese territory, please fill in the following information:


We are seeking for partners who share our principles, identify with AZENTIS Philosophy, and are able of hard working to conquer market share and consequently providing the required solutions.

For this purpose, we will work with established distributors in any country which can legally hold our products in an exclusive regimen.

If you want to be part of AZENTIS International Distributors Team please contact us through:


If you wish to contact us, please select your contact preference below:

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